Welcome to the Juggle Demo Site!!!

When you log in, please be sure to use the credentials below as it will take you to our latest revision of the prototype!

Username & Password: juggle2016
Be forewarned: this is a pre-Alpha-grade prototype! It's buggier than Summertime in New Orleans. We're not Microsoft or Apple. Prepare for the ugly, do NOT use Google Chrome, and be sure that the plugin and your browser are at the latest revision.

We're keeping up the landing page to ensure our work here does not inhibit your ability to connect with us as we continue on with our development. To keep things simple, this instance of the prototype is pulling static data and rendering it in a "Supervisor View." While we continue to work out bugs with the interface, we look forward to also getting better form-filler concepts set up for users to play with and move beyond the mobile petcare dataset we've modeled.

Within the next few weeks, we should be able to talk seriously about our release date. Currently, our goal is to have an ALPHA version of our product for interested Early Adopters by late March or early April.

Please drop us a line and let us know what you think!

-Best Regards